The success of local Summer Food Service Programs depends on the support and engagement of the community. Thank you for your interest in being involved.

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Summer Meals are offered at many different types of places, including schools, parks, community centers and faith-based organizations. They can be part of existing programs or serve as standalone offerings. In February each year, new organizations have the chance to attend training and apply through Oregon Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs. Learn more and contact Jessica Visinsky at or 503-947-5897.


Many Summer Meal programs need ongoing and one-time volunteers to help serve, prepare, or transport meals, conduct community outreach, and support enrichment or physical activities at sites. The best way to find volunteer opportunities is to contact the Summer Meal program sponsors directly. You can find this information using the listings on the map, under “Sponsoring Organization.” For school districts, please direct your calls to the “Nutrition Services” department.


Donations to Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon help connect communities and families to summer meals. To learn more about how you can support our child hunger prevention work and summer meals, contact Lizzie Martinez at 503-595-5501 x312.

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Other Ways to Help

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon utilizes in-kind donations such as marketing, design, social and earned media, and research services to increase awareness and access to Summer Meals in Oregon. Please contact Fatima Jawaid at to discuss how you might support the program.

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If you visited or thought about visiting a Summer Meals site in Oregon, share your experience by taking a short survey. You will have the option to enter to win a $20 Visa gift card if you submit feedback between June 18th - August 10th, 2018. The form can be completed anonymously, but responses must include a phone number or email address to win.

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